SAVANNAH, GA (March 14, 2019) – Seven individuals have been indicted in connection to five homicides and other violent crimes, including robbery and multiple aggravated assaults.

In June 2018, the Savannah Police Department began linking a series of individuals that resulted in a 108-count indictment that resulted in the arrest of Osha Dunham, Nelaunte Grant, Cordell and Donnell Richardson, Malik McKenzie and Jevon Williams. Jahonne Manigo is still wanted.

These individuals were indicted in connection to five homicides stretching back to 2013. These homicide victims include Arderian Jefferson in July 2013, Shawntray “Puff” Grant in June 2018, Eric Cooley in July 2018, Robert Lee in July 2018 and Jernard Burton in August 2018. These individuals face charges including murder, the street gang and terrorism act, robbery, aggravated assault and other felonies.

“We could not have done this without the support of our community members,” Chief Roy Minter said in a press conference today. “While we work diligently on all our investigation, we also realize we need the community to continually support us with tips and other information to help us resolve investigations such as this.”

Minter also acknowledged the partnerships of the Violent Crimes Unit, the Forensics Unit, the Gang Unit, the District Attorney’s Office and our federal partners that worked together in these cases.

“As the Chief, I can tell you I am extremely proud of the outstanding work these investigators accomplished during this investigation, and I sincerely hope that this sends a clear message throughout our community that we will not tolerate illegal gang, guns or drugs activity in our community,” Minter said. “We want people to understand that if you commit these crimes in our community, no matter how long it takes, we will continue to relentlessly pursue you and continue to work as hard as we can and do whatever we can to keep these cases moving forward and move forward with prosecuting these cases.”