SAVANNAH, GA (August 10, 2018) – The Savannah Police Department Eastside Precinct and Training Unit staff will conduct a training exercise at the Memorial Hospital Day Surgery Center.

This training will be conducted on Sunday, August 12 beginning at 7 a.m. and is expected to last approximately three hours. The public is advised that there will be a heavy police presence in the area of the Day Surgery Center. There will be no impact to traffic or surrounding neighborhoods from this training. The emergency entrance and main entrance to the hospital will operate as normal.

Memorial Hospital staff and security will participate in the training exercise. The Savannah Police Department provides these extensive training exercises multiple times per year to our critical partners for our joint efforts in preventing and responding to violent incidents. This training enhances our interoperability to rapidly resolve hostage, barricaded gunman and active shooter situations. This training also educates hospital staff on how to respond in these emergency situations.