SAVANNAH, GA (June 21, 2018) – A two-day operation into underage alcohol sales by Savannah Police’s Alcohol Beverage Compliance Unit resulted in 13 businesses being cited.

During the operation, which ran June 19-20, two underage subjects visited 19 businesses to determine if they comply with Georgia law in regards to alcohol sales. Out of the 19, 13 failed the operation, which was a collaboration with the Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco Division. The managers or licensees of the establishments were notified of the alcohol sold, that the buyer was underage, if the buyer was checked for identification, how the alcohol was served or sold, and what actions would be taken by law enforcement.

“Our concern is that some of these businesses did not request identification,” said Lt. Shinita Young, of the ABC Unit. “We have to ensure that our youth are protected and safe, especially when it comes to underage alcohol consumption. We hope all businesses that sell alcohol will take the time to stress the importance of carding everyone who attempts to buy alcohol and to be stern when it comes to turning away minors.”

The ABC Unit will remain vigilant and continue to conduct operations regarding underage alcohol sales and overconsumption. The six businesses that passed will receive letters of congratulations from the Savannah Police Department.

According to the City of Savannah’s Alcohol Beverage Ordinance, a first offense results in a minimum fine of $500; second offense, if within 12 months of the first, results in a $750 fine; third offense, if within 18 months of the first, results in a $1,000 fine; and any further offense, if within 24 months of the first, results in issuance of a notice to appear to show cause for why the establishment’s alcohol license should not be revoked.

Savannah PD would like to thank the state for assisting in this operation.

The following businesses were cited:

Parker’s, 2004 Beech St.

3G Gas Station, 703 Wheaton St.

Time Saver, 502 W. Bay St.

T&K Liquor, 726 W. Oglethorpe St.

River Street Liquor, 425 E. River St.

Wet Willies, 101 E. River St.

Warehouse, 18 E. River St.

Tibet Liquor, 104 Tibet Ave.

The Hub, 4202 Montgomery St.

Montgomery Market, 4305 Montgomery St.

Shiv’s, 4801 Montgomery St.

Jae Ambe Food Mart, 9137 White Bluff Road

Shell Gas, 14001 Abercorn St.

The following businesses passed:

Largo Beverage, 8489 Waters Ave.

Applebee’s, 11120 Abercorn St.

Enmarket, 14000 Abercorn St.

Wheaton Street Liquor, 1218 Wheaton St.

Barrel House, 125 W. Congress St.

Shop N Go, 728 W. Oglethorpe St.