SAVANNAH, GA (June 15, 2012) Along with concerns of Internet scams that have multiplied financial crimes complaints, Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are looking into reports of people impersonating police officers.

 An elderly Savannah woman recently reported a man knocked on her door with a badge on his belt and asked her questions. She realized after he had left that she did not know what department he represented and had not been able to read the badge.

 Camden County authorities this week reported several instances where a man dressed in a uniform without a badge and in an unmarked car attempted to stop vehicles and question drivers.

 In none of these cases was anything taken or other crimes committed but Sgt. Robert Vonloewenfeldt of SCMPD Central Precinct Investigations Unit is concerned of the potential problems.

 He reminded residents that they have a right to inspect an officer’s badge, ask for a supervisor to be called, or ask for time to call police to confirm the identity of anyone attempting to question them as a law enforcement officer.

 He also pointed out that SCMPD protocol requires that only marked police units are allowed to stop cars unless a dangerous situation exists.

 Anyone with concerns can call 911 for a quick confirmation.

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