SAVANNAH, GA (December 6, 2011)In light of the recent arrest of Trevashaad BUSBY for robbery. BUSBY was arrested after he met a woman on the internet, lured her out and robbed her. Later after he was arrested he attempted escape, assaulted a female officer and was apprehended. BUSBY also has warrants for rape out of North Carolina. 

With dating sites and chat rooms on the rise, thousands of people are turning to the internet to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right. In this day and time it’s getting harder and harder to know what is real and who is telling the truth.  The Savannah-Chatham Metro Police urge caution first and foremost.  Below are safety tips we recommend.

  •  Do not reveal information which could expose your identity until you are confident that it is safe.
  • Be cautious revealing your name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, website address, etc.
  • Do not allow anyone to pressure you into revealing details before you are ready. If they are overly aggressive in asking for identifying information, cut off communication.
  • If you feel uneasy about someone you’ve met online, err on the side of caution.
  • Be aware that others may misrepresent themselves on the internet. They may make false claims, omit important details, post outdated photographs, or even photographs of other people as their own. Pay attention to little clues that indicate that a person may be trying to hide something.
  • Watch for inconsistencies in things they write, indicating that they are making things up and having trouble keeping their story straight. Also be cautious of evasiveness about things that could indicate a problem.
  • You may wish to have a background check done on someone before you get too involved in communicating with or meeting them.
  • By searching on someone’s name online, you can easily gather information about their background. For example, if you use, you might find out about their educational degrees, work history, and personal information.
  • Because you are still dealing with a virtual stranger, you should use safety guidelines for connecting on the phone. First, if you are a woman, ask for the guy’s phone number and use Caller ID blocking (*67) when you call him so that your phone number is not revealed. You can even use Caller ID blocking on most cell phones so always try using *67 when placing first calls.
  • The first time you meet someone in person, take a friend along or meet and stay in public places.
  • Be sure that someone knows where you’re going and when to expect you back.
  • If you have a cellular phone, take it along, and have a friend call periodically. You may wish to take along some form of personal protection just in case.


Although we do all we can to provide a safe environment the final responsibility for you is yours.