SAVANNAH, GA (July 13, 2013): The Chatham Emergency Management Angency (CEMA) is warning those in the area around the Ogeechee River and tributaries to it of a possible flooding situation.

A deteriorating dam on an 80-acre lake in Screven County could release thousands of gallons of water into the river near the King Finishing Plant with effects that are undetermined at the time.

Residents near the river and low-lying areas near it are being advised to avoid the river should waters begin to rise. Depending on the extent of the water release, evacuation could be required from certain areas.

Southside Fire Department firefighters are knocking on doors in west Chatham County alerting residents in low-lying areas that they could be asked to relocate.

The river flows into Chatham County in the areas around John Carter and Fort Argyle Roads and through the Kings Ferry Park at Ogeechee Road, flowing under Interstate 95 and US 17 before flowing into Bryan County.