SAVANNAH, GA (July 24, 2015) Animal Control officers had to go undercover to capture one of the remaining feral dogs who have been stalking east Savannah neighborhoods this morning and finally managed to capture “Eve”, the matriarch of the pack.

Animal Control Supervisor Christina Sutherin was working incognito in blue jeans and Beatles T-shirt in a black Kia sedan. She and her staff were able to slow the female dog with a tranquilizer dart and followed her through wooded areas until the drugs left her snoozing in a field.

Residents in the area confirmed that Eve was the dog that gave birth to the rest of the original pack under a house on Virginia Avenue in August 2014. The brown Shepherd-mix dog had been captured in a trap set by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Animal Control officers in the past, but escaped with the help of a sympathetic resident. Since then the pack has grown to as many as 16 dogs, alarming residents of several neighborhoods and killing multiple pets and chickens.

Twelve of the dogs previously had been captured by Animal Control over the past year, but the remaining pack members had learned to avoid marked Animal Control trucks and officers in uniform, hence the Beatles garb and compact car in an operation that began at 4 a.m. The stealth mission gained success about 5:30 a.m. when officers engaged Eve and the three others and managed to dart the pack leader. The remaining three sprinted into underbrush.

The undercover mission had been underway for a week, proving unfortunate for two other stray dogs that were not in the pack but landed in a holding pen at the Animal Control shelter. A revamped mission is being planned for the remaining culprits, now wise to the Beatles and the Kia.