SAVANNAH, GA ( May 9, 2011) Savannah-Chatham Metro Police have recovered another skimmer from a local ATM.

 Within the last 3 weeks, skimmers have been used at two different locations around Savannah. In one case, police were able to locate the skimmer before any real damage was done. In another the thieves were able to get to it before police.

Financial crimes detectives have some suggestions to help you from becoming a victim:

  • Pay close attention to ATM’s when using them.
  • Make sure none of the parts of the Automated Teller Machine can be removed.  (Many skimmers are taped or glued on.)
  • If you are going to be traveling outside of the area, make a habit of notifying your bank. That way, if fraudulent charges show up from outside the area, the bank will know to notify you.
  • Check your accounts often. The sooner you catch the charges, the more quickly you can notify your bank.