SAVANNAH, GA (August 5, 2016): Hundreds gathered at SCAD’s Trustees Theater this morning as the  Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department held a Badge Pinning Ceremony, Promotion and Award Ceremony.

Twelve SCMPD officers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant:  Andrew Arnsdorff, Susan Fandrich, Bryan Gerber, Bryony Harris, Samuel Hunt, Roger Mydell, Jason Pagliaro, Charlie Pugh, Jonathan Puhala, Eric Smith, Roshi Smith and Samantha Stephens.

Above: Twelve new sergeants and Chief Lumpkin

Nine women and 24 men also graduated from the SCMPD’s Patrol School after completing that eight-week training course, which followed 11 weeks of training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Garden City.  Today new officers’ family and friends joined them on stage for the Badge Pinning Ceremony.   Congratulations to Douvens Alouidor, Megan Altizer, Mohamad Azimi, Darren Bradshaw, Kayshara Carter, Laura Conley, Anthony DeMaio, Melanie DuBose, Spencer Gray, John Gwinn, Brittany Harrell, Jacob Hesting, Dorothy Holt, Justin Jones, John Keel, Derek Korte, Shane LaFord, Jason Lloyd, Nicholas Marlow, Tori May, Philip McGimsey, Sonja Northcutt, Carolyn Osborne, Robert Rodriguez, Bryant Sims, Dorian Smith, Witzer Sylla, John Tokos, Luke Ugolik, Timothy Valmont, Mark Whittaker, Patrick Wilton and Jarrett Wolfe.

Above: SCMPD’s newest men and women in blue – 33 officers graduated and took part in a badge pinning ceremony at Trustees Theater.

Chief of Police Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr. spoke to the new officers and the newly promoted officers about the importance of leadership.  “Every officer, every employee on this department is a leader.  When citizens call the police, they want something changed in their environment.  That responsibility often rests with our lower ranking officers.  They are the ones who are responding to 911 calls and have the most interaction with members of our community.”

Chief Lumpkin also awarded eight members of the Savannah community with the department’s Civilian Award of Commendation.  On July 2, 2016 Bill Gillespie, Ruel Joyner, Maynard Peloke, and Richard Preston restrained a verbally and physically aggressive man at a downtown coffee shop until police officers arrived.  On July 10, 2016 Syed Zaydi and Dennis Brown chased down a violent man who grabbed a woman’s purse and stabbed a witness.  Craig Hornick and John Dorsey rendered aid to the stabbing victim until EMS arrived.

Above:  Craig Hornick and Dennis Brown received Civilian Awards of Commendation for the brave response when a criminal stole a woman’s purse and stabbed a witness.

Above: Chief Lumpkin presented awards to Bill Gillespie and Maynard Peloke for restraining a verbally and physically agreessive man at a downtown shop unit officers arrived.

“These individuals went above and beyond what we ask of our citizens and their bravery helped make this city safer,” said Chief Lumpkin.  “We are proud to have them in our community and we are grateful to know they have our back.”