SAFETY TIP OF THE WEEK: Buying and Selling Goods Advertised Online

SCMPD urges citizens to make safety the highest priority when buying and selling goods advertised online. The public is reminded of the following safety tips:

  • Utilize police precincts as meeting places.

  • Avoid meeting to buy or sell items alone.

  • Always advise a friend or loved one of your plans to buy or sell items.

  • Arrive early and position yourself to observe and evaluate your surroundings and individuals you are scheduled to meet. If something makes you uneasy, leave immediately.

  • Buyers and sellers always should meet in public highly populated places during daylight or business hours.

  • Always take a working cellular phone to alert police of emergencies.

  • Never invite strangers into your home and avoid entering their residences.

  • Avoid posting personal information online.

  • Have several adults present when selling heavy items that are difficult to remove from your home.

  • Keep valuables out of view.

  • Be leery of purchasers attempting to use cashier’s check from out-of-state or outside of the country. These may be counterfeit.

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