SAVANNAH, GA (June 20, 2012) Residents and businesses in the Liberty City and Brandlewood neighborhoods should notice an abundance of police presence Saturday when the West Chatham Precinct of Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Departments holds its first Roll Call in the Streets.

 What may appear to be more police presence than usual, really isn’t, according to Precinct Commander, Capt. Phillip Reilley. But he is making the resources he usually deploys more obvious than usual so members of the public can see how strongly his officers patrol to keep them safe.

 “In the 1980s we called it ‘showcase neighborhoods’,” Capt. Reilley said, “and it was designed to let the public and would-be offenders know we are there to protect and serve. Our intent is to make sure the people in these areas feel comfortable as they enjoy their neighborhoods.”

 After the Roll Call, the marked units will focus on the Liberty City and Brandlewood areas, but the event is open to all areas of West Chatham.

 Reilley borrowed a page from Central Precinct Commander DeVonn Adams to schedule the roll call out of the precinct office and in an area where the public can see what is going on and participate.

 He is coordinating with the neighborhood associations in those areas to meet in the parking lot of Jones’ Red and White supermarket at Liberty Parkway and Ogeechee Road at 2:30 p.m.

 The Central precinct has held two Roll Calls in the Street to draw attention to the resources assigned to the neighborhoods. Neighbors and City Aldermen have attended as the officers received their marching orders for the shift and have interacted with the officers.

 Reilley has asked his Crime Suppression Units, which usually works out of uniforms and in unmarked cars, to join in the Roll Call, along with K-9 officers and Mounted Patrol. Officers also will be on bicycles in the neighborhoods and stopping to talk to residents.

 “Neighbors are invited to come out and meet the officers who protect them, interact with them and let us know their specific concerns,” Capt. Reilley said.

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