SAVANNAH, GA (December 7, 2017) – Savannah is expected to get a cold snap through the weekend with high temperatures barely escaping the 40s, which is why Savannah-Chatham Metro Police is urging citizens to avoid the temptation of leaving their vehicles running while unattended.

“We strongly urge and caution motorists not to warm their vehicles up unless they are sitting inside,” Maj. Richard Zapal said.  “We completely understand the comfort associated with getting into a warm car on a cold morning. Unfortunately, so do criminals. Auto thieves cruise neighborhoods seeking out unattended cars with exhaust coming from the tailpipe. Auto parts sand tool stores sell devices that plug into a 12-volt outlet in the car and will warm the vehicle without the necessity of running the engine.”

Officers find that people typically leave their vehicles running unattended in the mornings and at locations like gas stations, where they believe they’ll only be inside a short time.

Vehicles warm up more quickly while being driven rather than idling.

In addition to keeping your vehicles safe, Metro asks that citizens take other precautions as we move into the cold snap.  Outdoor pets should be brought inside when the temperatures drop. If you intend on using a space heater, make sure children are aware of the dangers, the heater is not near any flammable objects, and also never plug a space heater into an extension cord.  If you have elderly neighbors who live alone or do not have adequate heat, check on them periodically to make sure they are OK.