SAVANNAH, GA (September 23, 2016): Thursday afternoon, Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr. filed a request for assistance from the Georgia State Patrol to assist in patrolling additional streets.  The request was made in relation to the stranger-to-stranger armed robberies that have occurred on our sidewalks and streets. This includes the fatal shooting of a Savannah resident during a failed armed robbery attempt on Sep. 21 and the shooting and attempted armed robbery of victims at 39th and Bull Streets on Sep. 19.  The Georgia State Patrol has agreed to assign resources to help us combat these violent offenders.

“During the hours of darkness, the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department is combatting street armed robberies which are victimizing our citizens and visitors.  These types of crimes are inherently dangerous.  As you know, we classify any criminal conduct that involves three or more people as being group/gang involved and group violence. Certainly, this week’s two subject crimes-one in Precinct 2 and the other in Precinct 3, were ‘group/gang’ involved.

We want to bring these robbers, shooters, repeat gun violators and killers to justice. That is true for anyone who is creating fear and harming people in any part of our jurisdiction. Our officers have increased patrols, undercover operations and investigations to identify who we believe are a group of perpetrators who  are plaguing pedestrians traveling on our sidewalks during the hours of late evening to early morning.

I want to thank the Georgia State Patrol for providing force-multiplying resources to help keep this community safer. Additionally, SCMPD is redirecting other personnel and technology to address armed robberies and shootings throughout a designated area of concern, which is obviously larger than the Historic District. Again, we are asking the public to step forward with information about any of our open shooting, robbery or homicide investigations. As you know, making this community safer is a shared responsibility between the police and our citizenry,” said Chief Lumpkin.