SAVANNAH, GA ( November 9, 2011) An alert officer nabs a burglar in the act, as he comes back for more.


On four separate occasions in the past two weeks, Bar-Bar located in the 200 Block of St Julian Street had been burglarized. Each time the burglar would take bottles of Gold Patrone Tequila and leave no signs of forced entry.  Officer Michael Zaragoza of the Downtown Precinct recognized how the burglar was getting in, and advised the store owner how to fix the problem. He also told him that the burglar might become frustrated and attempt to break in the door. With that in mind the officer made sure to pay special attention to the area that night. Thanks to video surveillance provided by the manager of Wild Wings the officer had a good idea who he was looking for.


Just after 7 a.m., November 4th ,  the officer was going to check the area when he observed a pair of tennis shoes outside the business. He walked down the stairs to Bar-Bar and caught the burglar red handed as he was attempting to break into the business again. Robert Lee SMITH, 40, was taken into custody and has been charged with burglary, burglary- criminal attempt, and possession of tools. He was transported to the Chatham County Detention Center.