SAVANNAH, GA ( August 18, 2011) Savannah man charged with impersonating an officer after he displays a badge and asks for a discount at a computer repair shop.


August 2, just before 6 p.m., a man walked into Audio Visual Sales located in the 2500 Block of Barnard Street. The man appeared to be a police officer working in plain clothes; he was wearing a t-shirt and pants, but had a police badge clearly displayed around his neck.


The store owner stated that the store was closing, but the man insisted on one quick question, he wanted to know the price to fix a computer.  He told the owner he was a “working man, stating I work for a living down at the precinct on Habersham, can you give me a break”  the store owner told him he would work with him, and not make him pay the standard deposit, then asked him to bring it back the next day.  


The next day the man brought his computer in for service. The store owner felt something was not right about the encounter from the night before, so he did some checking. He discovered the name of the customer was Bernard PICKNEY, 51, and when checking further he discovered that PICKNEY had been fired from SCMPD in 2007 for shoplifting. He immediately called police.  


Detectives reviewed the video tape of the incident. On August 9, a warrant was taken out for PICKNEY, on August 17 the warrant was served on him and he was transported to the Chatham County Detention Center. He was charged with impersonating an officer.