Community Resource Officer Sheila Sadler was recognized with a SCMPD T-shirt Wednesday by Police Chief Willie Lovett and Downtown Precinct Capt. Mike Wilkins during the weekly department Com-Stat meeting for her role in helping foil a burglary and arresting three suspects. While driving through the Victorian area on August 24, she heard reports of a burglary in progress on Hall Street and saw suspects leaving the area, one carrying a television. Capt. Wilkins said Officer Sadler calmly relayed the information over the air and a perimeter was quickly established. Two of three suspects were quickly apprehended and officers learned the identity of the third, recognizing him as a Savannah Impact Program participant with an ankle monitor. He was quickly located and apprehended as well. One of the suspects has since been charged with two additional burglaries and a theft by receiving a stolen auto.