SAVANNAH, GA (February 26, 2015): Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police have been advised that some community gatherings have been announced following Wednesday’s decision by the  Chatham County Grand Jury’s on the Sept. 18 police involved shooting .

Police Chief Joseph H. “Jack” Lumpkin Sr. has personally met with some community leaders who have pledged peaceful gatherings.

“Our department is aware of the decision and plans by some citizens to voice their concerns publicly,” Lumpkin said. “We have taken the appropriate measures, as we would any event. It is incumbent on any police department to assure that everyone has the right to voice their position in a lawful manner, but that this community is protected against unlawful acts and behaviors. We continue to ask our citizenry and visitors for peace and tranquility.”

Lumpkin said Metro Police will protect the public’s right to peacefully assemble but also will continue to protect people and property from unlawful actions.

Guidelines for public assemblies are posted on the Metro Police website and the City of Savannah website