SAVANNAH, GA (October 21, 2010): A 19-year-old Savannah man has been charged with three misdemeanors and his 10-year-old brother has been taken to the Youth Development Center charged with aggravated assault after the two attacked officers answering a call to their residence Wednesday night.

Adan Rojas has been charged with public drunkenness, false report of a crime and obstruction after he took a swing at an officer responding to his complaint of a stolen car. His younger brother attacked officers with a knife before his father tried to pull him away.

Police had responded to apartments in the 100 block of Tibet Avenue about 9:15 p.m. after the elder brother reported his car had been stolen. When the first officer arrived, a group of family members surrounded his police car making it difficult for him to get out.

Rojas was upset that his parents had hidden his car to keep him from driving while highly intoxicated. While he struggled with police, his younger brother approached the officer with the knife, threatening to kill the officer. The youngster tried to bite his father’s hand when the parents tried to restrain him and the elder brother tried to hit the officer. Another officer used a taser to restrain the elder brother.

Police later were told the elder brother had choked his father in an altercation because his car had been hidden.

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