SAVANNAH, GA (May 23, 2013): Quarantines on the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Animal Control Shelter by the Georgia Department of Agriculture are to be lifted Tuesday.

The facility was placed on minimal 14-day quarantine after an inspection May 7 by the Department of Agriculture. The inspection was requested by the Animal Control staff. The discovery of an additional dog with upper respiratory illness on Wednesday extended the quarantine.

However, inspectors acknowledged Animal Control’s diligence in the reporting, isolation of the affected dogs and the sterilization of the facility during the quarantine process.

The action by the Department of Agriculture means Animal Control will be able to have two out of three wings which house dogs and the cat area available for the intake of animals. Infected dogs are housed in the third wing, safely away from the other animals, while they are being treated.

Adoptions will be allowed for animals in the facility that have met the adoption criteria and are past the five- day mandatory hold time.