SAVANNAH, GA (June 15, 2011): Four Wilmington Island juveniles have been referred to juvenile authorities and a fifth is being investigated after they admitted smashing mailboxes with baseball bats from a car last week.


Four of the youths, all 16 or 15,  were stopped by Island Precinct patrol officers Thursday afternoon in the dark, four-door Honda witnesses reported was in the area when more than 45 street side mailboxes were reported damaged Tuesday and Wednesday. The fifth juvenile was identified by the others as having participated in the vandalism.


Damage reports were filed in Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, Betz Creek Road, Woodbridge subdivision, and the Walthour Road area.


The top of a metal bat was discovered on the side of the road and two metal bats were found in the car.


The teenagers are replacing mailboxes, including some they may not have smashed. Police are discussing charges with the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office. The youth have been released to the custody of their parents.


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