SAVANNAH, GA (June 30, 2011): In an effort to better address changing trends in crime in the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department jurisdiction, Chief Willie Lovett has reassigned four of his five precinct captains.

“Crime is a changing landscape,” Lovett said. “As summer heat arrives and schools close, crime increases and our officers must be ever diligent about anticipating and reacting. New assignments keep our leaders focused and that focus transfers to the officers in their command. “

Effective Sunday, Capt. Ben Herron will transfer responsibility from the Islands Precinct where he has been since January to the Central Precinct. Central Precinct Capt. Charles Hall will transfer to the Island Precinct after a year in charge of that precinct. Capt. Kerry Thomas, commander of the West Chatham Precinct since June 2010 and Capt. Richard Zapal, commander of the Southside Precinct since December 2005, will swap commands.

Capt. Mike Wilkins will continue to command the Downtown precinct where he has been since August 2009.

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