SAVANNAH, GA ( April 2, 2012) A second man is taken the hospital in less than a month for treatment of a self-inflicted wound after leaving a gun show.


William Penfield, 25, is recovering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound today. He told police that he left his Rock Island Armory hand gun in his vehicle and unloaded when he went into the gun show. Afterwards he decided we was going to reload his weapon. While doing so, he accidently shot himself in the leg.



On February 5, 2010, a 26- year-old Rincon man was rushed to treatment after leaving a gun show and accidentally shooting himself at the Savannah Civic Center.


Charles Lake of a Highland Drive address in Rincon was taken to Memorial University Medical Center. The wound was not considered life-threatening.


A Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police violent crimes detective said Lake had purchased the pistol at a gun show being held in the civic center on Saturday and returned with it today. He unloaded the gun to enter the show and was reloading it outside the building when it fired.